The Identity Ring

The Identity Ring

Hey friend,

You know that feeling deep inside you, where your whole self tells you something? As a kid, I knew when my mom spoke about her career, there was more to it, and it wasn’t good.

She was the first in her family to become a doctor. A turn of events made it hard for her to practice later in life. We heard about it often, usually when talking about goals. I knew, deep within myself that my mom didn’t see herself the way I did. But here’s the thing, we are only limited by what we choose to believe. Sometimes about our own selves. Where I saw a strong, kind, funny woman, she didn’t.

So here’s my reminder for you: live boldly. Don’t limit yourself to the rules of titles, jobs and relationships.

How would you live and love, if you weren’t a daughter?
How would you speak, stand and dress, if you weren’t a wife?
How would you breathe, if you forgave the mistake?
How would you grow, if you let go of that moment?

Remember that we are human first.
We feel and feel again.
Speak up, change our mind and speak again.

We are only today,
The limits we choose to live with,
And the kindness we leave behind.


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