The Foundation Ring

The Foundation Ring

Hey friend,

My middle school teacher used to start some of her lessons by making us breathe. She taught me to breathe from my diaphragm. And also what a diaphragm was. Never before do I remember sitting still for the express purpose of breathing. I loved her.

If you read the Origin Story you know I struggled with this simple thing later in life, and almost let myself break. But it was about more than just breathing - taking care of myself also meant drawing boundaries, letting myself rest, saying no more often. Self-care 101 is what they should really teach us in school.

The Foundation Ring is inspired by a broken bathroom tile. The reminder is to take care of yourself, breathe, rest and speak up before the cracks arrive. We run so hard, take on so much, work so endlessly, all the time. This is your reminder to take better care. There is only one of you.

There is only one of you.


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