Dreams, values and somedays

Dreams, values and somedays

Hi friends,

This project had been on my mind and heart for the better part of 2020.

I feel pulled to doing more than reading about the issues, educating ourselves and supporting causes with our 9-5 earnings. We want to sign up for something bigger. 

With Bold&Kind we are signing up to do something that is good for people and the planet. 

The people part is simple; we all need reminders to stand within ourselves. The truth is we are more similar than we are different. No matter how you were raised, what your life looked like, there's "stuff" we've all picked up and put in our backgrounds. That "stuff" likes to tell us what to do.  Sometimes it sounds like a particular person, reminds us of a specific time in our life, or feels like a hobgoblin haunting our steps. Aren't we all trying to stay true to our inner most selves despite all that?

The planet part of our dream is more complicated. With global warming, our garbage mishandling and general deforestation issues, there's a lot to be done. With Bold&Kind we're trying to make less waste and help with reforestation first. Our jewelry is packaged in a treasure chest instead of paper box, we're experimenting with compostable shipping materials and planting trees with a portion of every sale. One day, we want to help with Garbage Island (read more about that here). We know more needs to happen for us to be good for the planet. We're working on it.  

People and planet. Here we go.

What do you dream about doing someday?



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